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The Estrella

Drummond Designs plan # W2740

First level




Living Area
1,777 Sq. Ft. / 165 Sq. M.

Garage: 378 Sq. Ft. / 35 Sq. M.

2,155 Sq. Ft. / 200 Sq. M.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Garage Type
One-car garage

Special Features

Fireplace shared between living room and dining room with possible exit in basement, covered front stoop, access to basement from garage as well as service doors, mezzanine open over living room with cathedral ceiling, independant laundry on main level, flower boxes, skylight, corner bath and dual sinks in 2nd level bathroom.

Plan Description

First level:

Foyer with coat closet, living room and dining room with central fireplace, kitchen with lunch counter, family room, half-bath, laundry facilities.

2nd Level:

Master bedroom, 2 secondary bedrooms (one with walk-in closet), bathroom, mezzanine.

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Second level


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